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Full-Service Short-Term Rental Income

The short-term rental industry is one of the fastest-growing industries in the United States. Vacation and business travelers are willing to pay hundreds of dollars a night to stay in local homes and apartments. For investors, purchasing a rental property in the right location is an incredible opportunity to earn monthly income while building equity. Not only does real estate investing build passive income, it creates high-value assets that appreciate over time.


Benefits of Short-Term Rentals

Managing a short-term rental property can involve more work than a long-term rental property, but short-term rentals also provide some serious advantages

Higher Potential Income

This is the biggest benefit for most investors. If you’re strategic about purchasing properties in in-demand areas, you can earn much more from short-term rentals than from long-term tenants. For example, you might be able to charge $250 a night for a simple one- or two-bedroom apartment. That’s up to $7,500 if you’re booked for a full month. You might only be able to charge $1500-2000 a month for the same apartment as a long-term rental. So you’re more than tripling your earning potential. 

Control over Rates

With a short-term rental, you can change your rates as often as you want. That means you can maximize your profits with a higher rate during the busy season or holidays, then attract budget- conscious travelers with a lower rate during the off-season. This flexibility lets you take advantage of changes in demand and earn as much as possible from your property.

No Long-Term Nightmare Tenants

Every landlord has heard stories of terrible tenants: people who wreck the property, make unreasonable demands, or refuse to pay rent on time. With a long-term rental, you could potentially get stuck with a nightmare tenant for a full year. But with a short-term rental, most renters are only booked for a few days or weeks. Even if they’re not a great tenant, you don’t have to worry about dealing with them for long. And if they break your property rules, platforms such as Airbnb and VRBO will support you in cancelling the rest of their reservation.

No Chasing Rent

Speaking of tenants, with a short-term rental, your guests will be paying their rent upfront. That means you never have to spend time chasing payments or waiting for a check to clear. 


Travel Flexibility

Most investors love the flexibility that short-term renting can provide. Any time you want, you can pause your rental availability and spend time in your property yourself. It’s a vacation home that more than pays for itself! Spending a lot of time in the property can even provide you with tax benefits. If you love to travel, this can be a fantastic benefit. 

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The largest obstacle for investors looking to profit from short-term rentals is time. Purchasing and managing a rental property takes a lot of work on an ongoing basis. Ensuring that a property is profitable also requires expertise of the local market. That’s where we come in: we offer a comprehensive short term rental investment program. We manage the entire process, so all you have to do is profit from your investment. 

The Main Obstacle

Why Start With US

We work in a growing number of desirable cities around the United States. So, whether you are looking to purchase a single property local to you, or you are a global investor looking to build your portfolio of properties, we’re here to help. 

We offer a comprehensive end-to-end service for investors. Rather than simply managing a property after purchase, we provide professional guidance and services starting from the purchase and financing stage. We provide you with a competitive advantage in the local market, enabling you to find the best potential properties and placing a winning offer against other buyers.

Our services include:
Arbitrage and Subleases
  • Locate properties that allow sublease

  • No upfront fee

  • Proper documentation

  • Local agent based

  • LLC set up

  • Business Funding available

Home Purchasing and Financing
  • Pre-screened lenders to provide mortgage

  • Specialty programs designed to help cover the cost of the down payment or the closing cost that’s exclusive from us. No One Else Has These Programs.  

  • Detail Breakdown of debt and income for each potential property.  Starting with the mortgage payment and other expenditures, we walk you though the breakdown of the figures and show you what your income will be monthly. 

  • Frequent monitoring of qualified properties

  • Team of successful realtors

  • Expert review of local property and rental laws

Property Preparation
  • Professional furnishing, decorating, and staging. 

  • Professional photography of the property

  • Enticing listings on Airbnb, VRBO, Homeaway, Expedia, Google,

Professional Rental Property Management
  • High-quality professional cleaners

  • Yard and landscape maintenance 

  • Contractors on-call for maintenance and repair

  •  Personalized hospitality

  • Booking management

  • 24/7 Guest Support

Wy Stat with us?

Working with an experienced company will change the way you look at investing. If you are brand new to short term rentals or looking to diversify your real estate portfolio, get in touch with us. We will help you create multiple streams of income and reach your investment goals. 



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